lenor Happiness Body Fabric Softner

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Leno - Happiness  softener allows the fragrance to change with the movement of the body and enjoy different fragrances at any time. With a deodorant effect, even indoor clothes will not have an unpleasant smell. It can increase the fiber elasticity of the clothes ,and make the clothes bright and beautiful.

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Origin Japan
Capacity 560ml

- Pink(Antique Rose & Floral)
- Green(Fruity Cocktail & Flower)
- Navy( Classier Floral)
- White(Princess Paul & Dream)
- Black(Dark Rose & Cherry)

Origin: Japan
Capacity: 560ml


1. Fully automatic washing machine: Pour the appropriate amount of this product into the soft injection port and start cleaning.

2. Double barrel type,or hand wash with washtub: After the rinsed water is cleaned, pour the product, continue to rotate or soak for 3 minutes and then dehydrate


* Do not place in infants and toddlers

* Do not store in humid high or low temperature and direct sunlight

*If this product accidentally touches your eyes, please rinse immediately with plenty of water

*This product is not edible, please do not put it in the mouth

*Please avoid using it for other purposes

* Do not force the product to avoid cracking

* Please put it in the laundry tank together with the clothes, avoid putting the product into the lotion input port, so as not to cause the lotion to be blocked

*Do not take this product with wet hands

* Do not induce vomiting if you accidentally eat, drink plenty of cold water and seek medical attention immediately

*Usage: Please refer to the washing sign on the clothes before washing

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