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LEADERS Pro Hydra Tonic Pad


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Water-type hydration tonic pad is wiped on the skin for radiant skin that is full of moisture and a smooth skin texture


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Origin Korea
Capacity 10pcs

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The essence offers a refreshing feeling is gently absorbed into the skin to strengthen the skin’s moisture-holding power for a clear,moisturized,radiant, and luminous 

The cotton pad was designed in double-sided :

Glove-type pad made of a dense, microfibre material tidies up the rough skin texture while the soft,embossed cotton material moisturises and smooths out the skin.

Main ingredients and effects :

  1. AQUAXYLSupplies and maintains the skin’s moisture
  2. Papaya Fruit ExtractMaintenance of old, dead skin cells and smooth skin texture care
  3. BHASebum control and skin tone improvement 
  4. PHAExfoliating care

How To Use :

1.After facial cleansing, remove the remaining moisture from the face, and gently wipe along the skin texture from inside to outside of the face with blue-colorer, microfibre cotton.

2.Smooth out the skin texture by lightly patting the skin with the soft, embossed cotton on the opposite side to the pad.Gently pat the remaining essence to promote absorption.

*It can be used as a substitute for toner after facial cleansing in the morning and evening.

It is even more effective to use before doing a face mask.