NAKAMORA-Kino Natural Tree Extract Foot Detox Patch

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It contains natural bamboo sap and various plant extracts,it can suck excess moisture and toxins from the acupoint.

The more toxins, the colour of foot patch turns deeper.

In addition to the sole of the foot, it can be attached to other body parts such as the shoulder,neck and waist, which can relieve stress fatigue.

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Origin Japan
Capacity 30pcs

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There are 30 patches per 1 box,and 1c patch include a sticker and drug pack.

Follow the instructions and peel the sticker. Stick the drug pack on the middle of the sticker,then stick it on the sole of the foot.

Pink - Titanium


Promotes blood circulation, improves sleep, relieves stress, anti-oxidation, beauty and firming skin

* Suitable for people with mental stress 

Orange - Grapefruit


Promotes metabolism, perfectly shapes, relaxes nervousness, intestinal stomach and promotes blood circulation

* Suitable for ladies who are looking for perfect posture

Red - Red Chilli


Promote metabolism and blood circulation, make body heat consumption faster, and help expel pathogenic cold and dampness

* Suitable for people who are weak and can't stand the cold

Purple - Lavender


Helps sleep, calms sleep.It has the effect of sterilizing and softening blood vessels

* Suitable for the people who have sleep difficulties or under stress

Green - Wormwood


Detoxification, remove excess moisture from the body, reduce the burden of the lymphatic system, and help improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism

* Suitable for people who are easily tired and often have a small rash


1.You can use up to 2-3 times a week, paste it every night before go asleep, and take off in the next morning.

2.After taking off the foot patch, there may be residual mucus on the sole of the foot, which can be washed with water.

3.Pregnant and menstrual are not recommended to use.